Removing Scum From Honey

Problem:  You take the lid off a bucket of honey to find a thin layer of scum (bubbles, tiny bee bits and pollen) across the surface of the honey. You would like to remove the scum before tipping the honey through a fine filter cloth into your honey dispensing tank.

Solution:  You could ladle off the scum – but that is slow, cumbersome and inefficient. Why not try this: Lay a single sheet of newspaper across the surface of the scum and press lightly to ensure it is in contact with the scum. Then lift the sheet of paper off. Voila! The scum layer is removed – clinging to the paper. It works a treat for layers up to around 3mm thick.

PS: Don’t be in a rush to remove the layer of scum that settles on top of the honey in your honey dispensing tank after your final fine filtering. That layer helps to retain the aromas that give your honey its attractive individuality

This  article has been reproduced with permission copyright © ACT Beekeepers Association.

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