Bee Swarms

What are Bee Swarms?

Bees swarming is a natural occurrence, which is most often seen in Spring. Bee swarms are identified by a mass of bees clustered on a post or hanging from a tree or some other structure. The bees may stay in this cluster up to a few days while they look for a new home.

Bee Swarm 1 - Teesdale (September 2014)
Bee Swarm – Teesdale (September 2014)

Swarming is the process by which a new honey bee colony is formed.  The queen bee leaves the colony with around 50% of the hive’s worker bee

Bee swarm at Freshwater Creek courtesy Gary Montgomery
Bee swarm at Freshwater Creek courtesy Gary Montgomery

Swarming bees are not dangerous –  they are just looking for a new home and should be left alone. Do not spray them with a hose, smoke or insecticide as you may get stung. The bees will not harm you if they are left alone! Bees play an important role in fertilizing many of our nuts, fruit and vegetables.

If you discover a swarm, why not contact a local beekeeper to have the swarm removed and placed in a beehive? A list of local swarm removers is located here.

Swarm Rehoming
Swarm Rehoming

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