Beekeeping Suppliers | Geelong

Better Bee Hives

Supplying the following in Geelong:

  • Technoset (plastic) hives and accessories (eg feeders/splits/ excluders)
  • Bee Suits, Smokers, Hive Tools and Bee brushes
  • Wax foundation (Pure Australian Wax)

Phone:  Stephen Lavelle 0417306248


Beehive Company

Supplying everything for the small beekeeper, including:

  • Bee Boxes
  • Frames, flat pack or assembled
  • Smokers, hive tools, wax sheets

95 St Andrews Drive, Lara.

To arrange a time to visit, please call John Webb: 0414 475 228

Beehive Company


Supplier of personal protective clothing:

  • Bee Overalls
  • Bee Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Bee overalls and jackets made locally in sizes S to XXXXL.  Larger sizes by arrangement.

Phone: 0415 988 409 or 5275 4021.   Please leave message or text if phone unattended.

 Meleebee Farm Beekeeping Equipment

Supplying beekeeping equipment for the small beekeeper, including:

  • Bee boxes, flat pack or assembled,
  • Frames, flat pack or assembled, plastic frames,
  • Smokers, hive tools, wax sheets,
  • Extractors, uncapping knives, strainers,
  • Protective equipment.

410 Andersons Road Mount Moriac, Vic 3240

Contact: Stan or Deborah Filippis

Phone: 03 52661086, website:

Bee Sustainable

Beekeeping supplies, range of beekeeping books.

Becs Beehives

Hobby beekeeping equipment which can be delivered Australia wide.

Redpath Beekeeping Supplies

Supplying bees wax, hive requirements and honey processing equipment to apairists and hobbyists around Australia.

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