The Statement of Purpose of the club is:

‘The club shall provide a forum for the transfer of information and education in relation to bees to its members and the general public through meetings, practical demonstrations, and other media,’

To achieve this purpose the club shall wherever practical attempt to provide, primarily for its member, and then for the general public:

Best Practice information, in relation to;

Husbandry practices, suitable for Australian and especially southern Victorian conditions, and where possible steer (especially novice beekeepers) away from internet information from foreign sources.

The club shall where practical provide theoretical and when conditions are appropriate practical demonstrations.

Legal information, affecting beekeepers, from Local, State and Federal Agencies.

Local laws,

Livestock Disease Control Act, ‘Apiary Code of Practice’ and other  legislation.

Food Act.

Pest and disease information affecting beekeepers, both current, and emerging / pending threats.

American Foul Brood, European Foul Brood, Nosema, etc..

Wax Moth, Small Hive Beetle, etc…

Apis Cerana, Varroa Mite.


The club offers the  following types of membership:

  1.  Single Annual, where a fee (as set down at the Annual General Meeting) is payable once per year, and
  2. Family Annual, where a fee (as set down at the Annual General Meeting) is payable once per year.

The membership year commences on July 1st.

The Annual General Meeting is held in August.

Membership is open to any person who has an interest in bees.


Meetings are held on a monthly basis (the third Friday) at the Belmont Masonic Centre , 25 Regent Street, Belmont, Victoria

The club shall also a provide a forum for association with persons with a common interest, and shall always adhere to the unwritten rule that, there are four ways of beekeeping, your way, my way, the right way and the wrong way.


P.O. BOX 401, Geelong.  VIC  3220


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