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We are a community of beekeepers within the Geelong and surrounding areas that meet on a monthly basis. 


Geelong Beekeepers Club Charter

The Geelong Beekeepers Club intends to:

  • foster good beekeeping practice in the community,
  • promote the interests of beekeeping,
  • exchange information about, and encourage the study of all aspects of beekeeping.

 Geelong Beekeepers Club Meetings

Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month at the Belmont Masonic Centre commencing at 8.00 pm.

During the meetings topics covered include:

  • What’s happening in the hive this month
  • Flora happenings
  • Q&A

    Geelong Beekeeping Club meeting Q and A
    Question and Answer time – a panel is available to discuss a broad range of beekeeping topics

You also have the opportunity to network with other beekeepers, both hobbyist and professional.


Learn about Beekeeping:  “Ask a Beekeeper”

Come along on meeting nights at 7.15 pm.  Seasoned beekeepers are available to discuss beekeeping and answer your beekeeping questions.

Refer to Calendar of Events for details of meetings and other events.

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Inspecting the brood
Inspecting the brood


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